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We have been transporting various cargoes
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International transportation

An International Transportation of goods is the transportation of goods, the departure and destination of which are located in several states or on the territory of several states.

International cargo transportation is one of the most important sectors of the world economy. Freight transport unites many production and trade processes, buyers and manufacturers of goods, customers and contractors.

Our company is ready to carry out cargo transportation of various types of goods for our customers, weighing from 1 kg to 25 tons and volume from 1 cubic meter to 120 cubic meters, according to the needs and wishes of our customers.
The qualified employees of our company, combined with modern vehicles, allow us to ensure the delivery of goods to our customers in the shortest possible time and at the best price for transportation. We are happy to organize for our customers the transportation of goods in the following directions to / from: Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), Eastern and Western Europe, as well as Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Our company can also provide our customers with a more advanced package of services, which includes the consolidation in our warehouses of several or more cargoes from various manufacturers or partners of our customers, followed by customs clearance and dispatch of these goods at the direction of our customers.
Refrigerated transportation

Refrigerated transportation of goods involves the usage of special vehicles equipped with a refrigerator or freezer that allows you to regulate the temperature and humidity levels. These vehicles allow for long-distance delivery of products that have limited shelf life or require transportation and storage conditions at certain temperatures, without losing their consumer qualities.The category of goods and products requiring transportation in compliance with the temperature regime includes:


  deep-frozen food; meat products (chilled and frozen); fresh fruits and vegetables; seafood (chilled and frozen); sausage and confectionery; milk products; cosmetic and perfumery products; flowers and plants; pharmaceuticals

Groupage cargo transportation

Transportation of this type is often called the consolidation or unification of several or more cargoes from several or more customers in one vehicle. In the realities of the present time, many economic agents have reorganized their strategies in economic activity. Consolidation or assembly into one road train, small consignments of goods, allows our customers to save on the cost of delivery of their goods and at the same time to increase the turnover of the goods sold in a short period of time, with relatively small financial costs. Our company has an extensive experience in the transportation of groupage cargo, which includes competent sorting, the use of special equipment, careful loading, fast delivery, as well as the correct execution of accompanying and customs documents

Oversized cargo

Oversized cargo is a non-standard heavy or bulky item (product) that exceeds the established standards in terms of its parameters. It is impossible to place such cargo in a regular container or freight transport for transportation. For such transportation, you must use special vehicles:


 to use a low loader platform  for transport bulky cargo with non-standard heights. This makes it possible to significantly reduce the height of the load along with the freight transport. When transporting heavy cargo, it would be advisable to use a platform with a large number of axles and the required carrying capacity.The above vehicles are available in the fleet of our company. We are happy to arrange for our customers the transportation of oversized or heavy cargo at an affordable price...

Transportation of ready-made clothes

While transporting ready-made clothes, carriers, shippers and consignees must ensure the safety of the cargo, protect clothes from sunlight, precipitation and dust. Garments have all the properties of the fibers and fabrics from which they are made, therefore, for their transportation, the same conditions must be observed as for the transportation of the corresponding fibers and fabrics. For this type of transportation, our company has a special vehicle equipped with special equipment for transportation of ready-made clothes on hangers ...

Low-tonnage transportation

Low-tonnage transportation is a fast, cheap and reliable way to transport your cargo. Today, low-tonnage cargo transportation is one of the most popular ways to transport goods. In our fleet there are cars of this class - with a carrying capacity of 800 kg to 1200 kg, a capacity of cargo compartments from 4 to 8 euro pallets, a volume of 5 to 25 cubic meters.


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