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Cargo Service Express SRL (CSE) began its activity in the field of International transportation in 1999. We have successfully overcome several difficult crisis situations that affected Moldova and all countries of the former USSR, Eastern and Western Europe for 21 years. The experience we gained during the economic crisis helped us optimize our business, in particular, establish relationships with partners from all over the world.One of our first large partners was the world famous Coca-Cola company. Joint activities with it in the field of international transportation allowed us to take a confident step towards sustainable development. This experience allowed us to realize that in order to maintain the high quality of the services provided in the field of international transportation, we need:
professional staff;

continuous professional development of our staff;

regular renewal of the vehicle fleet;

the ability to service your transport at any time of the day or night.

With this in mind, we have assembled a team of experienced workers - accountants, managers, logisticians, drivers, car mechanics, who are certified for their qualifications every three years, which allows us to always remain “in trend”.

If we talk about our own vehicle fleet, then initially it included 3 road-trains "KAMAZ", which were at the peak of popularity in the 2000s. But, as you know, progress does not stand still, and KAMAZ soon lost its former relevance, in connection with which we eventually switched to trucks of the German manufacturer MAN, at that time still of the ecological standard Euro 0. Today in our fleet - only vehicles with environmental standards Euro 5 and Euro 6, in particular:road trains for transportation of bulky goods (couplings 120 cubic meters) - 15 units;

classic road trains (90 cubic meters) - 7 units;

refrigerators - 2 pcs.;

road train for transportation of oversized cargo - 2 units;

low-tonnage beads - 2 pcs.

In order to provide our vehicles with timely maintenance, we have opened our own auto repair shop, whose employees do everything possible to maintain the excellent technical condition of the trucks in order to ensure their uninterrupted movement along the route.



Where are we:
Balti city, Stefan cel Mare street 181
How to contact us:
+373 604 55 557
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